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Environmental Impact

Lifecycle of toner, drum and waste cartridges

Kyocera toners are manufactured with a high component of recycled plastic as would be expected from a global manufacturer. As toner cartridges are unable to be refilled locally without compromising the performance and longevity of our products, we look at the practicalities around recycling the toner cartons empty. It’s all very well to say something is in theory recyclable, but how easy and attainable is that in practise? Many toner cartridges contain mixed grade plastic that requires separation at end of life, with not all grades able to be recycled locally, and the motivation and skill to make this happen. Additionally other metal components and even drums may need to be separated before this can occur, with no guarantee those components are recycled.

Kyocera Collect

Kyocera Collect

Kyocera use a single-grade plastic based toner unit that can readily be recycled via our KyoCollect system. With KyoCollect we would provide you with used toner collection bins. Staff simply place used cartridges in the lined bin, and then request collection online when the bin is full. The toner cartridges are then 100% recycled.

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