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Environmental Impact


In 1992 Kyocera decided to introduce environmentally-conscious packaging for all our products. One approach was to quit using plastic-based packaging materials that had been used for cushioning and fixation, and to replace them with paper-based materials such as corrugated cardboard and formed pulp. Our packaging design group has solved various technical problems and succeeded in using paper-based packaging materials for purposes that were once believed to be impossible.

All TASKalfa devices are shipped from the factory protected by a pulped paper and cardboard exoskeleton, and even sit on a corrugated cardboard pallet and box that uses organic ink for all printed text. Once the printer is removed, all cardboard/paper based packaging is recycled. The external box is held in place with four no 5 grade recycled plastic clips (see image below) which are recycled locally

Within the box the device is wrapped in a large plastic bag to keep moisture out. These plastic bags are 100% recycled locally by KMBE through a local manufacturer.

As such Kyocera has won the Australian Packaging Covenant award for sustainable packaging in the Electronics sector in 2018, 2020 and 2021.

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